Our family’s vinícola tradition began many, many years ago, but it wasn’t until 1989 that Jaume Bonet embarked upon the exciting, deeply personal project of developing his own wine. With our Comalats Cellar vineyards ranging over an area of thirteen and a half hectares, we produce black and rose wines of the Denomination Origin Costers del Segre (Vall del Corb), all of which are certified organic.

*The origin of the name:
Comalats is the historic name given to the area between the mountain ranges of Forés and Cervera – a territory of particular geographical distinction because parallel groups of mountains and valleys lie to its East and West. A single valley is known as a ‘coma’ , and a group of valleys a ‘comalada’, from which term our cellar name is derived.


We decided to make wine because… we’ve done so for generations.


I love that Comalats wines fill your mouth and are meaty – they nourish.


My father taught me to persevere, to do things at the right time and to work hard.


When I see a Comalats wine in a glass, I see everything that went into it.